We offer not only accommodation, but also developed a new service system

Own rural property – that’s fine, respectable and fashionable. But after the first wave of euphoria from this thinking there is some confusion about the insecurity of life at the household level. We’re not talking about the presence / absence of facilities in the cottage. This will be discussed on a neat, fast, and most importantly quality device communications systems and the necessary infrastructure that serves the most modern cottage villages. The company “Moscow River” offers land for construction (new housing estate) at the site near the village Faustovo on the border of the Resurrection and the Moscow oblast. Where possible the purchase of land divided by the number 676 of the total area of 150 hectares, as for construction of cottage settlement of contract, and for the implementation of the individual construction of suburban real estate in the beautiful scenic location with a coastline of 4.5 km. But the general plan of organization of all the most modern, and above all the necessary communications systems. Moreover, the new Cottage Village has developed the infrastructure planned in the form of: • a reliable fence, made in an aesthetically pleasing form, with the reliable protection of each cottage and the adjoining land; • internal network of village roads, which will be presented in width from 9 to 15 m, for convenience and suburban property owners and their guests; • mandatory electrification along the streets, which will have a gated dirt road; • gasification and pipeline gas will pass along the village, and the internal layout will be conducted in accordance with the formation of streets; • the possibility of organizing a high-quality transmission of information via satellite TV; • Cottage Village will have its own (separately identified) Internet line, from the usual communication systems mandatory will be building and individual connection to each cottage: • a centralized sewerage system; • modern tap communications branch. Make sure it is worth noting that the payment of any of the above, the proposed systems will occur at the end of the work. That is, developers of a new cottage community will not pay in advance, but in fact the organization of various infrastructure and communications. A new housing estate Faustovo from “Moscow River” has a land area for construction of 10 to 50 acres. A well-composed and rational master plan for construction sites of suburban real estate and communications systems, allows the most convenient and justifiable to use each “piece” of considerable land areas. Cottage village, together with the “Moscow River” is: • a high quality organized and executed communications and infrastructure system in general and individual use; • the ability to use land for construction for individual housing (individual housing) or the development of contracting; • comfortable near Moscow (suburban) cottages inexpensive, hassle-free, and rural property with the prices of economy class, and the level of the organization of everyday life such as “luxury.” The company “Moscow River” offers a new gated development for those wishing to have a suburban real estate in the suburbs cheaply, and the design of the documentary spectrum of its construction and commissioning takes over in its entirety.

josslyn kane